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"If it is about your new home or renovation of existing space, do consult me once! - Ar. Sandeep Jain
For past 18 years I have been heading Transition, a design firm in Noida and I have designed homes for more than 200 Indians families from various regions and backgrounds. Also I have developed a very good command in residential interiors especially in case of renovation projects.

When it comes to understanding the requirements of family, I often feel gifted, also I understand the feeling of space very well. Believe it or not, I have seen many of my clients crying with happiness. I have also realised that this happiness is not about how much money they spend on their home, it is about how well the entire family is able to connect with the final outcome.

"First home First consultation" is my educational initiative for people making homes. You don't need to look for that distant relative or next door neighbour who has recently done his house; I can spend time with you and your family just like a family doctor on an hourly consultation basis.


Value Addition Tips
I may be having some value addition tips for the enhancement of your space, a small tip of mine could improve your living quality for lifelong.

Formulating Requirements
Many a times you are confused with your requirements and available space. I can help you in formulating your space requirements as per your needs and living style.

Second Opinion
In case of any design dilemma or any disagreement with your existing service provider/ supplier you can consult me for a second opinion and still continue with your existing agencies.

New Property Inspection
Your home will probably be the most expensive purchase you ever make. I can help you in assessing the quality of space & finishes. I am talking about the built up space only.

Design Guidance
Home owners, young designers and other end users can also seek my design guidance for a particular situation or for the complete interior project.

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Book an Appointment
Pricing Hourly Basis-I am offering first 90 minutes consultation for INR 5100 in Delhi NCR region. If needed, the same can be extended for INR 3000 per hour. (For outstation sites we need to work out separately) Design Guidance- Depending on your requirements I can offer you a lump-sum fee for any short term consultation or conceptual guidance.
Contact me
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 91-9810234755 409, Krishna Apra Plaza, Sec- 18, Noida, India