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What’s Interiors Planet?

Interiors Planet is a well scrutinized online source guide for various products, vendors, consultants, contractors, educational institutions, media, publications & events related to Interior Design. The experience of visiting this portal will be further enriched by online product exhibitions, thoughtful case studies, small counseling sessions & much more.

It’s unbelievable but true, people are saying…

“To me this seems to be Bible of Interiors.” - Geeta Lunial , Interior Designer

“This is stimulating” - Akhilesh Aggarwal , Interior Contractor

“I would love to be a part of it in whichever way possible.” - Parul Gulati , Student of Architecture

What is so special about Interiors Planet?

Interiors Planet is a very unique concept for the entire interior industry. Some of the highlights are…
  • A concept, first of its kind in our country!
  • An online branding platform for the entire industry dealing in Interior Products & Services!
  • A useful search tool for Architects & Interior Designers!
  • An initiative to bring entire Interior industry under one roof!
  • An expert platform for the evaluation of Interior Products & services!

Who are the promoters and developers of Interiors Planet?


The company has been founded by Ar. Sandeep Jain in July 2014. Sandeep Jain is a graduate in Architecture from I.I.T. Kharagpur in 1995. He is also heading Transition, a design firm in Noida – India. For over 16 years Transition has been the preeminent name in the field of Interior Architecture. Interiors Planet has been focusing extensively on branding, promotion, research, education & counseling for Interior Designing Field.

How do I add my business listing to Interiors Planet?

All the companies or individuals dealing in Interior products & services can list their business on this portal for free. Currently there are three types of listing you can opt for …

Basic Listing (Free)

Your Company Name, Category, Sub categories, Related Sub Categories, Nature of Business, Contact Detail (Contact Person, Phone no., Address, Email), Working Hours, City, Country shall be displayed in your respective category & subcategory.

Amplified Listing (Free for a limited period)

You can upgrade your basic listing with the option of adding your website link, images of your products & services, video link and many other details. You can edit this information on your own anytime.

Premium Listings (Payable)

You can opt for the following premium listings of our portal which are payable and they are very reasonably priced.

A. Featured Listing

Your Amplified Listing will be upgraded with the banner display of your business in one category and one subcategory with a Featured tag on your listing.

B. Reviewed Listing

Your Feature listing will be upgraded to Reviewed Listing where we are going to write a review on your company highlighting your strengths and qualities based on the fact provided by you and our experience with your company. This will be a kind of expert recommendation for your company to the visitors of our portal.

Why should I advertise on Interiors Planet?

Some of the benefits of advertising with us are …

  • You get to showcase your product / service on an online platform exclusively for Interior Designing Field. You get a targeted and quality audience.
  • This will be a collective effort of promotion & branding. It is like staying in a society, enjoying more facilities at lesser price.
  • This will be an ice breaking initiative between design professionals & other industry experts. All can come together under one roof.
  • Unique Online exhibition of your products & services 24X7 in comparison to the other medium like journals, exhibitions & events etc.
  • You can update your ad content on your own multiple times. You shall have your unique username & password to edit or remove your details.

Are you offering any discounts, any inaugural offer etc.?

To establish this wonderful concept we are providing attractive Welcome Offers on all advertisement plans. We are offering

  • Flat 40% discount on all advertisement plans for first 100 advertisers.
  • Extended three months duration for first 100 advertisers.
  • All first hundred Advertisers shall be titled as “Founder Buddy” in their respective listings. We will be offering them additional privileges in our future endeavors.

How do I begin?

You need to open www. Interiorsplanet.com, Register and log in, then move to Add listing, you will find a small guide there to add your business listing. Fill up the required information and submit the form. In case of Basic Listing we’ll publish it almost immediately. In case of Feature/ Reviewed Listing we will send you an invoice as per your chosen plan.

I don’t get all this?

Please drop in a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details; we’ll be happy to assist you.